General commands

The commands listed here are available to all users regardless of rights.

Command Description Example
c!invite Displays a direct link to invite Corgi to your server c!invite
c!stats Displays your statistics in the server c!stats
c!about Show basic information about corgi c!about
c!ping Displays Corgi's average ping c!ping
c!uptime Displays uptime c!uptime
c!changelog Displays latest changes c!changelog
c!userinfo [@user] Basic information about a user. c!user
c!user @MrWakeCZ
c!emote [emote|id] Displays information about a amote. c!emote list
c!emote :FeelsYouOMG:
c!guildinfo Displays information about the guild where this command is performed. c!guildinfo
c!avatar Displays avatar of a user c!avatar @Corgi
c!reminder Tell Corgi to remind you to do something! c!reminder 2h ; Bake a Cake
c!support Direct URL to the Support Server of Corgi c!support
Fun Commands

Commands for entertainment or other purposes.

Command Description Example
c!8ball [question] Ask corgi a yes or no question! c!8ball Is someone under my bed?
c!fact Generate a random fact. c!fact
c!ttb [text] Write using blocks (Emotes) c!ttb I would like some spaghetii!
c!dog Generates a random dog image. c!dog
c!cat Generates a random cat image. c!cat
c!choose Can't decide what to choose? Let Corgi decide! c!choose cat ; dog
c!dice Roll a dice! c!dice
Game commands

Game statistics

Command Description Example
c!help [command] Shows basic help c!help
c!help mcstatus
Moderation commands

Commands for server administration. In addition, they require specific rights.

Command Permission Description Example
Manage Channel Shows a list of all roles and their IDs c!roles
c!archive [amount] Manage Channel Archives a defined amount of messages (Max. 100) and sends them in a file c!archive 20
c!purge [amount] Manage Messages Deletes specific amount of messages c!purge 20
c!giveaway [s] [prize] Manage Channel Launches Giveaway in the desired channel. At the end, it is evaluated automatically. Can be created and revealed without a prize. c!giveaway 1800 socks
c!kick @user [@user] Kick Members Kick a defined user from the server. You can kick up to 20 members. c!kick @MrWakeCZ
c!ban @user [@user] Ban Members Bans a defined user from the server. You can ban up to 20 members. c!ban @MrWakeCZ
c!roleinfo [ID]/[Name] Manage Server Displays information about the required role - permissions, sorting, grouping, etc. c!roleinfo admin
c!say [text] Manage Channel Writes a message as Corgi. c!say Hello!
c!prefix [code] Manage Server Set a custom prefix for the server this command is performed in. c!prefix ?
c!ignore Manage Channel Toggle if Corgi should ignore commands in the channel where this command is performed.
c!allowmusic Manage Channel Allows a role to perform a specific music command. c!allowmusic volume 860321911422582785
c!leaveguild Manage Server Command to force Corgi to leave :(
Music Commands

Commands to spice up your voice channels!

Command Permission Description Example
Customizable (Default: Everyone) Plays a track from a URL c!play
Customizable (Default: Everyone) Displays the currently playing track c!playing
Customizable (Default: MANAGE_CHANNEL) Skips the currently playing track c!skip
Customizable (Default: MANAGE_CHANNEL) Completely stops the player and clears the queue c!stop
Customizable (Default: Everyone) Changes the volume c!volume 32