Setting your own prefix

Each prefix can be unique for each server.

The prefix can be set using the command c!prefix. To display the current prefix, don't include any arguments in the command

So if you want to change the prefix, use c!prefix [new-prefix], Corgi immediately changes the prefix and will react to it only on your server.

Requires permission: Administrator

Ignoring channels

Corgi (by default, and recommended) has very high permissions, thats means he can respond to commands everywhere. We may not want that, so we can disable it.

You can ignore commands in a channel using c!ignore in the channel where you want commands to be ignored, then select option 1 and commands are gonna be disabled, or list all channels with disabled commands using the option 2.

Changed your mind? Reenable commands again using c!ignore and choose the option 1.

Requires permission: Administrator