Why Corgi?


Corgi is designed for users who are not interested in comprehensive information. That's why everything in Corgi is written and explained clearly and intelligibly.


Corgi can be customized in any way to suit everyone on each server.


Corgi is based on Java, one of the most widely used languages today. Corgi uses the Discord API JDA. To guarantee stability, Corgi is powered by a Docker Container.


Tired of paying for bots, or additional features for them? No worries! Corgi is completely free. Always was, always will be.


What are you waiting for? Corgi is waiting for you!



Do you have questions? Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Is Corgi free?

Yes, Corgi is completely free for everyone.

How do I set up Corgi on the server?

You can get all the help regarding the initial settings in the menu in the tab First Setup.

Can i take a look at the sourcecode?

Yes, Corgi is opensource! If you want to contribute to Corgi, feel free to visit the github page!

How often is Corgi updated?

Corgi is updated as needed, always to fix bugs. If you want to find out the latest changes, just write the command c!changelog, which shows you what has changed in the latest version. You can find the history of all changes on our Support server.